Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coincidence of Timing

The tragedy in Japan, or the tragedieshave compounded into almost incomprehensible horror. Who knows when the succession of tragedies there will taper off, and eventually end?

My "coincidence of timing" has been occasioned by those Japan catastrophes, and I do not want to lessen the degree of our sympathies and compassion for our fellow humans there, by posting this.

Now, for the coincidence. I authored a book late last year, "Our Critical Challenge World-Wide." It deals with the topic of potential annihilation of mankind by perhaps inevitable nuclear warfare. It is fiction and non-fiction. Gods & Deities from ancient times convene again, recently, in
Athens. They have lively discussions and finally develop a pathway they
think could save mankind.

The timing? My book finally was published a week ago, and we are in the
initial process of marketing it. Who would have thought, when I finished the writing of it, that it would be published at the very time that a
major, devastating nuclear mishap would occur and be reported world-widc by the media.

My book does not delve into the right or wrong of whether nuclear research should be pursued for the purpose of improving mankind's "lot." (Of course, such pursuing should be continued!) But it does convey the theme
that mis-use of the nuclear pursuing could lead to tragic happenings.

I hope the matter of the 'timing' of my book will result in sales, of course; but more important is my hope that it will help nurture awareness of neuclar warfare perils so that activists by the thousands will make the
efforts to successfully prevent those perils from occuring.
-- Paul Dinnis

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