Monday, March 14, 2011

Perils in Japan Give Us Further "Cause"

The nuclear perils caused by the Japan earthquake certainly might be harbingers we all should consider as targets for the honing of nuclear controls in every nation. I am a twin, and inclined to regard "twin concepts" with care. "Nuke Fission" could be one twin, and "Nuke Fusion," the other.
I am somewhat confused about it: Is one of them the "good twin," and the other perhaps the "bad twin?" I've been inclined to think that "fission" ties in with nuclear warfare, and "fusion" with beneficial "positive" aspects. But my dictionary says both have the same appelation to both: "The principle of the hydrogen bomb." I have recently engaged in a "cause" targeted at urging citizen activistm to convince nations to create laws
to destroy existing nuclear warfare materials and ban further production of them. The Japanese disaster should be a powerful jolt in our thinking, leading to action. Pertaining to "the cause," I refer you to our web-site,

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