Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A New Beginning, A New Adventure

Oh, to be a credible blogger!  A respectable goal for this first-time blogger?  Especially in a field I consider to be critical for all mankind, not only our fellow Americans, but certainly for the survival of fellow humans throughout the world.

That critical field?  Well, it has to deal with the existence and the proliferation of nuclear warfare materials.   This is a subject that people mention in off-hand manner without giving deep thought of what can be done to minimize use of the nuclear weapons, or what might be done to eliminate the perils -- by seeking and obtaining mutual international agreements to destroy all such weaponry and, further, to ban future production of such "potential-annihilation" materials.

Toward that end, I have written a non-fiction/fiction book, "Our Critical Challenge World-Wide."
That might sound like a too-heavy title, but it has some light, but heavy, emphasese.  The fiction
portion has 50 deities and gods from centuries and eons ago, meeting recently (as the Bible and
myth say they did centuries ago) in Athens to seek ways to help our current occupants of earth  take steps to cope with the nuclear threats.

There is a bit of humor here-and-there, and the gods & dieties have 125 young people in a session
or two, to hear about the good and the unfortunate aspects of The Creator's handiwork, and to alert
the youths to accept responsibility to utilize reason and faith in developing political methods to
accomplish desired results.

The non-fiction portion of the book?  Most of it relates the evolving of religious beliefs the author
experienced during the (past) 8th deeade of his life.  A life-long Christian (Methodist), he came
to a realization that a good, balanced, mixture of reason and faith, might be utilized to avoid

We are self-publishing the book, having established our own  "publishing house" for that purpose.  The printing of the book will be accomplished in a week or so, and the e-book should become a reality perhaps a week after that.

Wish us well, huh?   More about us/it:
                                                  -- Paul E. Dinnis

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