Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Eternal Roller Coaster

Ah me, will it never stop?  I was almost finished with a "brilliant" blog on this theme when, a half-hour ago, our electric power went off -- and, true to this theme, I lost all the copy, and I have had to re-do the thing. It went something like this:  It's a great, spring-like day in Florida.  Major league baseball season opened last night, but local area Rays lost.  Tornado-like winds destroyed property two miles to our north, yesterday but no damage to our place.  Did creative work on my destroy-the-nukes cause, this morning, and it looks good.  I glance awhile at Facebook and it all sounds ideal -- friendly, neighborly, intimate chit-chat.  The Japan tragedy seems long ago and a world away.  Libya is a big question mark and the Mid East is awesome in wonderment (sp ?).  I'm thinking about creating a "No-Nukia" colony for the good people like you and me, and ours.  Wanta join?   Warriors makes us Worriers, don't they!  Are the Facebookers aware of all this?

But, the Sabbaths and the Sundays come, and tomorrow is Sunday.  Let there be prayers, let theire be peace, let there be hope.   Let us do our part!     

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