Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I wrote a piece recently (actually, it was a book), which had a basket-ful of ancient Gods and Deities convening again, in our time.  Theydiscussed current world crises, and the talk got pretty heavy.  One of them interrupted, adding a bit of humor tolighten things.

It worked.  After a bit of laughter, moods changed and the serious matters were dealt with again -- but more effectively -- because perspective became an ingredient along with a willingness to respect and to yield.

That God-Wit said that if today's religion units -- churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. -- have leaders who have a capacity to offset the serious with the laughable, they are indeed fortunate.

Think about it !!  Same situation, today.  Crises abound.  Nuclear leakage in Japan.  Warring in the Mid-East. Up-rooting of authority in Egypt, Libya, Yemen.  And, the time is over-ripe for nations to negotiate agreements to eliminate a world-wide catastrophe by de-fusing all  nuclear warheads and banning new production of them.

Well, it would be ideal if some sort of effective humor might arise, here.  The nuclear coin's Side A is a surface of research/development to enhance the positive facets of man's existence.  Unfortunately, the reverse Side B is a negative:  DEATH !

Ah, would that the temperament of  the world's peoples was suich that in-depth negotiations could be discussed and progress made toward destroying all existing nuclear warheads, and banning the manufacturing of any nuclear-war tools.

How, and from whence, is any welcome Wit to emerge?  I do not know.  I cannot envision any entertainer laughing as he juggles balls in the air, pretending that they are A-bombs.  Or, that a super-sexy-looking lady strutting seductively across the stage might be described as a potential in-person A-bomb.

Nor can any sort of light-banter be expected  from government leaders or politicians.  Or,  from the scads of lobbyists whose presences constitute a blessing or a plague, in the government halls.

Mention of the lobbyists stirs a thought.  Confront, say, the National Rifle Association about even limiting the proliferation of nuclear warfare materials in the world's nations.

What would the NRA reaction be?  Its members have a history of opposition to gun-control.  A dilemma, indeed!  Would they/will they be opposed to nuclear-arms control?

Woops !  We are in need of counter-blanacing commentary of some sort !  Suggestions, please.

                                                                      -- Paul Dinnis

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