Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Salute to Andy Borowitz

The cloud hovers, and it is darkly.  I seem to have a nuclear warfare peril obsession, and it is not the kind of Magnificent Obsession that titled a book 70 years ago.  My friends do not share my fears, I think because they just are unknowing about them.  But what the heck, maybe they are right.  The Libya disaster gets messier.  Kobe insults. Washington de-inspires.  But wait!  There comes a different cloud.  It is white.  It doesn't have a tag on it that identifies it as having been birthed by one Andy Borowitz, but I know the facts -- he is responsible for it.  He is a satirist on the Slate staff.  I don't read him there, but my St. Pete Times
prints him, and how refreshingly does he make Springtime a reality.

His thing yesterday was hilarious, entitled "Exports deplete democracy."  It spoofed that our exporting democary in Afghanistan and Iraq, etc., drains our USA stockpile of it.  Our democracy originated in Greece, and the insightful Borowitz has a Congressional pol suggesting that "we must reduce our dependence on foreign sources of government."  As to a democracy shortage,he quotes the Wisconsin governor downplaying troubles his state has had recently, as saying that democracy is "overrated."

The newspaper piece indicates that Borowitz writes from Washington.  How would it be if we installed him,
along with the likes of funsters like Jon Stewart, Letterman, Leno, Colbert, Seinfeld, etc., etc. in Washington to operate the government?  I would make A. Borowitz the chief honcho, there, and how joy would
be the lot of so many more of us.  Our salute to you, sir!
                                                                                     -- Paul Dinnis

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